Bill Analysis and Optimization
Bill Analysis & Optimization:
Slashing Mobile Costs We identify the most cost effective plans for your usage patterns. And we work directly with the phone company to make every change, every month.

Why you need it:
Your mobile phone bills are too high.

imageEven if you had the time to negotiate a better plan, your usage patterns change every time you make a hire, land a client, or get a new device.

So you worry more about saving minutes than about servicing clients. Which is the opposite of what you need to do to grow your business.

How we help:
We lower your bills and keep them low.

imageOur proprietary software regularly analyzes your usage patterns against your pool of minutes to identify the most cost-effective allocations.

And our experts work directly with Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and/or other carriers to turn our findings into savings.

Key features of our bill analysis and optimization services:
  • Lower mobile costs every month.
  • Monthly bill optimization keeps pace with your company’s changing needs.
  • Contract compliance ensures you use every feature and receive every discount in your plan.
  • Transparent servicing ensures no interruptions or downtime as we work behind the scenes.
  • Monthly reports detail your consistent return on your Wireless Watchdogs investment.
  • Predictive cost management (with certain carriers) takes steps to lower your monthly bill before the end of the cycle.