Bill Analysis and Optimization
Reporting & Management:
simplifying billing and improving oversight

Our reports are far more useful than those provided by carriers.
They simplify compliance and billing by making it easy to monitor productivity, assign costs and spot abuse.

Why you need it:
You don’t know your mobile ROI.

imageHow do you know if your mobile investments are worth it? How can you fairly allocate costs to different departments? And how can you monitor productivity and spot abuse?

With so many devices, plans, employees and carriers, mobility can easily overwhelm HR, IT and Finance.

How we help:
We make mobile transparent.

imageOur proprietary software generates simple-to-use online reports for analyzing productivity and usage, and for allocating costs and reconciling bills.

It even consolidates carriers to provide a single source for your complete mobile picture.

Key features of our
reporting & management
  • View consolidated online reports through a single, simple reporting dashboard.
  • Get automatic notifications whenever new reports are available.
  • Log in anywhere, any time to pull your latest numbers.
  • Simplify budgeting and reconciling by allocating costs based on fair usage.
  • Align your reports to your organizational structure.
  • Get actionable insights with data that spans aggregate trends down to individual usage.
  • Find productivity patterns to see which employees and departments show mobile ROI.
  • Spot unusual usage and abuse to ensure appropriate use.