Mobility Management Throughout the Mobile Device Lifecycle

Big data is getting bigger, your workforce is getting more mobile, and managing your business's complex mobile environment is ever more challenging. From planning to implementation to device end-of-life, our mobility management increases efficiencies and controls costs. And our Help Desk ensures that your users always have the access and support they need to get the job done -- wherever they are, and whenever they need it.

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Mobile Device Procurement

We'll help you select the mobile devices you need to achieve the goals of your mobility initiatives -- and then procure them for you at the best cost possible.

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Mobile Device Provisioning

Once we procure the devices for you, we'll give them the right apps and access, ensure they're secure, provision them onto the platform, and get them quickly into your hands .

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Our Help Desk never takes time off. When an admin or a user needs support, whether it's for access issues, malfunctions, or any other problem, help is a quick phone call away.

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Mobile Device Monitoring 

From the outset, we help you define policies for your mobile implementations -- and then constantly monitor devices to make sure your policies are followed.

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Mobile Device Analytics

Whether it's usage statistics or cost analyses, it pays to be informed. Our analytics reporting gives you the data you need to make informed choices -- and turn mobility into ROI.

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Mobile Device Retirement

At end-of-life, we make sure that your data is removed, the device is wiped and restored to factory settings, and that it's ready for recycling.

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Data Security is a Growing Problem.

As your workforce becomes increasingly connected, unsecured mobile devices represent an increasingly attractive vector for attacking your data — and yet, it's connected devices and the data they can access that are key drivers in enabling mobile workers to achieve increased efficiencies.


Our Mobility Management Solutions solve this problem. We can set appropriate wireless access policies for your business, and monitor and enforce those policies across all of your mobile devices. We'll help you strike the perfect balance between mobile access and secure data through providing your complete visibility while doing all of the heavy lifting of mobility management.



enterprise spending on mobile devices can be cut with Managed Mobility Services.


million mobile devices and connections were added in 2016.


devices are infected with Malware every 6 months.

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