Wireless Watchdogs Industries

Mobile phones and tablets can empower workers across all verticals — but instead of driving efficiency, they often become cost centers. We provide managed mobility services (MMS) and mobile device management (MDM) to government agencies and businesses across a wide variety of industries to make sure that connected devices are fulfilling their promise, and not just costing you money.


Caseworkers, field agents and other remote workers rely on connected devices to successfully perform government duties. We can help agencies avoid cost overruns and waste by properly managing mobile devices.

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Medical Services

Connected workers are able to provide in-place and at-home care in ways that were impossible a few years ago. Our managed mobility service lets you keep your focus on providing the care your patients need while we focus on protecting your business.

Film + Media

Film units are often filming far from studio locations, with second units perhaps even further away — necessitating mobile devices so that crew and others can communicate as needed. Our mobile device management solutions in the film and media industries ensure you get the shot you need without the added overhead of excessive costs from unmanaged devices.


In construction, nearly every worker is a field worker — and with connected devices like mobile phones and tablets, construction workers in the field can be empowered to order stock, view plans, and get questions answered in real time. Our mobility management solutions help you manage those devices and keep your projects with tight margins profitable.


Finance + Insurance

Finance and insurance professionals from CEOs to brokers to insurance sales teams rely on mobile connectivity to keep informed and enabled in real time — and have access to some of the most sensitive data in the world. Our security and management solutions for mobile devices help secure your clients' most vulnerable data, while helping you ensure you're able to meet the compliance regulations that impact your business.

Field Services

The mobile device revolution has allowed field service workers to become more efficient across all aspects of their job, from average response time to vehicle fuel consumption. Our mobility management service makes sure you don't throw away the benefits of those efficiencies by minimizing the overhead and costs associated with making your field service workers truly mobile.

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