Business Needs Vary. So Does UEM Software.

Not all UEM / MDM software is created equal, and it's confusing to know which is right for you. If you need help, we'll make sure to help you select the UEM software that best serves the needs of your business — and then help you manage that software so your IT department is not bogged down when they have more important things to do.



What You Get with our MDM Managed Services

Wireless Watchdogs MDM Managed Services off-loads from overburdened IT organizations the strenuous task of managing the MDM software and securing corporate- and employee-owned mobile devices. 

Our managed services/strategies are designed to create a multi-layered suite of security features around all major mobile device platforms, providing a single and complete window of control for all company information transmitted through corporate or personal devices.

1. Mobile Device Policy and Deployment Development Support

Wireless Watchdogs Managed MDM implementation services will take you through the setup of an MDM environment to ensure each setting is configured and aligned with your organization’s goals. We will leverage our experience in both MDM best practices and end user support to accomplish your goals while providing end users a seamless support experience.

What You Get:

  • Default policies and best practices to help with the development of a concrete enterprise mobility policy.
  • Help developing and creating structural architecture on MDM software to match your company’s current infrastructure.
  • Administration of the newly developed policy and preconfigure the software to distribute rules, reactions, restrictions, applications and content (if applicable).
  • Help developing processes for procurement, enrollment, retiring, recycling, monitoring, etc.
  • Deployment of the mobile device management system to all existing devices based on newly-developed strategy, processes and architecture.

2. Device Lifecycle Management

Wireless Watchdogs Managed MDM Lifecycle services ensures that your business has the mobile devices that it needs, and that they are properly and securely managed throughout their entire lifecycle. We focus on our goal of making sure that your devices do what you need them to do, whenever they need to do it – so you can stay focused on your own business needs.

What You Get:

  • Procurement of new devices
  • Activations of new devices through cellular network (if applicable).
  • Enrollment of new devices in the mobile device management system.
  • Provisioning of all devices with the necessary resources (corporate email, applications, VPN, Wi-Fi credentials, etc.)
  • Enforcement of the corporate mobility policy by means of monitoring, alerting and response.
  • End-of-life retirement of devices from the mobile device management system.
  • Automated process for secure device recycling (including resetting to factory settings).

3. Help Desk Support

Even the most well-managed device will be useless if the user can’t use it for its intended application. Whether it’s a new user, a lost device, or a forgotten password, Wireless Watchdogs removes the need for costly internal Help Desk resources by ensuring that users can whatever help they need, whenever they need it. 

What You Get:

  • Tier 1,2, and 3 support for end users, IT managers, and executives.
  • Device lock/unlock, user add, user enrollment, locate device, push policy, push application, push documents, wipe device, selective wipe, general inquiries, client specific requests.
  • 24/7/365 emergency availability.
  • Online training and information resources for end users, IT managers and executives.

4. MDM Monitoring and Reporting

Wireless Watchdogs MDM Monitoring and Reporting Services are wide-ranging, and are designed to provide constant assurance that all mobile devices are always being used both properly and cost-effectively across a variety of parameters. Ensuring proper usage not only helps us control costs for you – it also provides executive insight into your mobility policies and how well they’re functioning.

What You Get:

  • Monitoring of corporate email traffic through our Secure Email Gateway, and the option to block unwanted devices.
  • Monitoring of device roaming information daily to ensure rapid response to runaway roaming devices.
  • Monitoring of device compliance to ensure the solidarity of the enterprise mobility policy.
  • Monitoring of device resources to ensure all devices are provisioned with all the necessary resources (corporate email, applications, VPN, Wi-Fi Credentials, etc.)
  • Reporting portal for device, application and certificate asset management.
  • Telecom reporting setup and monitoring.
  • Environment changes, reporting, location and user group creation, device re-assignment, application management, document management, policy change and push, technical support, new device testing, containerized testing and reporting, and other client specific requests.

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enterprise spending on mobile devices can be cut with Managed Mobility Services.


million mobile devices and connections were added in 2016.


devices are infected with Malware every 6 months.

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