The Wireless Watchdogs 4G LTE Wireless Solution

To keep your employees, customers, partners, and suppliers connected and your services uninterrupted, you need to plan for it.

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Greater availability and reliability

without geographic limitations. What’s more, our 4G LTE wireless solution has 99.9% uptime.

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Easier implementation

with out-of-band management capability, which is essential for successfully managing a distributed network remotely.

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Faster time to resolution

that automatically kicks in when the primary line fails, getting the affected site back online within minutes.

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Lower operating cost

than the monthly cost of a traditional wired line and T1 solutions.

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Easy to manage

with a customizable dashboard to configure and monitor the health and status of your network devices.

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Never lose communication

with a reliable failover solution, business-critical information is never lost or compromised.

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The Cost of Downtime in Dollars

Reducing losses caused by downtime.


Monetary losses caused by downtime vary notably based on factors such as industry, company revenue, the number of people impacted, outage duration, and time the outage occurs. Losses will be considerably higher on a per-hour basis for businesses with high-volume data transactions such as banks and retailers.

An unplanned outage during peak traffic time will cause more damage than an outage during off hours. Any way you look at it, the average cost of downtime is staggering. 98% of organizations reported that one hour of downtime costs more than $100,000.


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The High Cost of Downtime

5 Reasons You Need a Failover Solution
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of organizations reported losing $100,000 during 1 hour of downtime.


per minute is the average cost of unplanned downtime.


uptime is provided by wireless solutions.

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