Achieving the Promise: IoT Managed Services Solutions.

The potential inherent in IoT deployments is cost-savings and efficiency to a degree never before possible. But the scope and scale of IoT solutions can quickly get out of control, and cost-savings vanish, if your IoT devices are not properly managed. Our IoT managed services solutions help you achieve the promise of IoT by reducing your workload and decreasing the costs of deploying and managing your IoT devices, leading to an earlier and greater return on investment.

Increase the benefits of your IoT deployments with these services:

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Simplified Device Enrollment

Your devices will be delivered with only the build and software your workers need and nothing they don't.

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Multiple Profiles Across Your Business

Your IoT deployments may be complex and comprise a variety of devices. Our services allow for multiple device profiles across your network, ensuring your devices behave and interact correctly, and fulfill their intended functionality.

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IoT Device and User Support

Our 24x7 IoT support keeps your deployments up and running by ensuring that your devices are always functioning as intended, and eliminates the costs inherent to building your own in-house help desk and support center.

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Consolidated Billing and Reporting

To truly understand the efficiency of your IoT deployment you need real-time insight into what it actually costs. Our billing and reporting functionality lets you efficiently manage the connectivity and other costs associated with your IoT devices.

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enterprise spending on mobile devices can be cut with Managed Mobility Services.


million mobile devices and connections were added in 2016.


devices are infected with Malware every 6 months.

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