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Mobile Device Management:
setting and enforcing security policies

We help you balance your mobile productivity with mobile security by managing access, securing data and even controlling and disabling certain features on certain devices.

Why you need it:
Mobility can mean insecurity.

image According to Cisco*, the average employee carries 3 devices everywhere they go. That’s because, to compete in a mobile world, your employees need access to their data and communications anywhere, on any device. Whether they’re across the country or just in a conference room, they can’t afford to be away from their data for even a moment.

But all that access can create problems. It adds complexity to IT that can open the door to spam, viruses, and accidental data loss. Worse, it can create opportunities for not-so-accidental theft or destruction.

How do you balance the need to keep your data open with the need to keep it safe?

* “BYOD and Virtualization”, Cisco,

How we help:
We manage mobile access.

imageWe help you set appropriate wireless access policies that ensure your data is used in the ways you intend. What’s more, we help you enforce your wireless access policies across every device that accesses your network.

With Wireless Watchdogs, you get full visibility and control over the behavior of all the devices on your network. We help you find the perfect balance between mobile data and secure data. And we also give you comprehensive reports on your network, device storage and compliance. This means that even as your mobile network grows, your control over it grows as well.

Key features of our mobile device management services:
  • Architecture development and maintenance tailors to mesh seamlessly with your current wireless operations.
  • Enrollment management simplifies over-the-air enrollment of one device or 100,000.
  • Profile development helps your develop multiple policy profiles that simplify even the most complex security needs.
  • Mobile policy enforcement ensures your security policies work in practice as well as in theory.
  • Compliance monitoring/asset management actively enforces your wireless use policy through careful monitoring.
  • End user support handles all questions, concerns and requests your employees may have about their devices.
  • Secure email gateway keeps your email under your control. (Optional feature).
  • Secured content locker lets you manage your content in the cloud. (Optional feature)
  • Bring Your Own Device support allows you to securely integrate employee-owned devices into your business. (Optional feature)