And You Thought Mobility Was Getting Simpler!


I am excited to announce that this will be my first blog post. While a blog tends to be opinion based, our clients look to us for expert and objective advice in the world of mobility. My goal is to combine both opinion and industry trends in this blog to bring visibility into the world of mobility.


So I will start here…


As we live and breathe mobility every day, we study, analyze, and understand the challenges, frustrations, and tactics used by the mobility carriers to win business, but also to cause you as the ‘customer’ lots of confusion.


Last week I came across this article in the New York Times that discusses how the numerous carrier offerings are causing confusion.  Yes, this particular article focuses on consumers, but is very applicable (if not more applicable) to businesses.


Mobility has changed drastically in terms of the rate and feature plans being offered. We are seeing changes in the categories of voice pools, text packages, and most drastically in data plans. To add another level of complexity, the carriers have put new equipment programs in place that can have a significant impact on monthly rate plan cost both positively and negatively depending on the equipment purchase program utilized.


While this article brings up a number of discussion points, for my first post I am aiming to keep it simple… Mobility is becoming more complex than ever before with new moving parts.


Through this blog I hope to help you, as the reader understand different components of mobility and to stay ahead of the industry. Utilizing a proactive approach to mobility management will help your IT/Telecom department flourish.

Ready to join the mobile revolution?