Apps In The Workplace

I came across an interesting article this morning. The article was published on regarding a study done by Forrester with the subject “80pc of time spent in just five apps: Forrester”.

The basic premise of the article was that users spend 80% of their time on just 5 apps: Pandora, Gmail, Facebook, Youtube, Maps. 80% of usage is an incredible amount of time!

If the same rings true for company owned devices, then businesses have a great savings opportunity and new focus point. Identifying a way to better enforce wireless policy or finding a way better leverage mobile application management through an MDM solution is a great starting point.The benefits are two fold:

  • Data usage decreases resulting in potentially monthly savings

  • User productivity may increase resulting in potential soft dollar savings

Out of the 5 apps referenced, 4 of these are for personal use the majority of the time, with the exception being Maps and for companies utilizing Google Apps for Business, Gmail as well.

Read the original article at Mobile Marketer

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