Experts Predict 5 Mobility Trends for Your Company

From loT (the Internet of Things) to mobile payments – the world of enterprise mobility is progressively changing and potentially jeopardizing your security system’s safety. Are you up-to-date about the trends that will impact your company?

Mobile Device Software 

Your Mobile Device Management (MDM) software should be evaluated to ensure that you offer accessibility and usability without sacrificing integrity.  If you experience slower performance and issues associated with aging equipment or repairs, consider migrating to a system with integrated functions that work together in an environment that saves time and money.

Hackers Focus on Next Gen Mobile Payment Platforms

Hackers use card cloners  — retail PoS devices that have been modified – to retain your personal information. Then thieves conduct financial transactions via mobile devices. Security experts are now using chip-based technology used to combat theft.

Employee Access

In a press release by Gartner in May 2013, it predicted that “Half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes.” BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) gives employees the usage of tablets and phones in real-time. Does your company have a MDM solution capable of handling a host of mobile devices?

Application Development

With the mobile-first approach being a dominant trend, enterprises are creating their own apps. Almost half of businesses plan to prioritize the mobilization of general business apps by 2018. To create the best strategy, consider the features of the device(s) mobile users need to gain access and the tasks they’ll be doing.

Threat Management

Increased risk is inevitable with more devices and apps. Unified Threat Management is a comprehensive security solution comprised of gateway antivirus, data leak prevention, Virtual Private Network, etc. that uses maximum energy and cost-effective solutions versus point security solutions.


Staying ahead of the trends in enterprise mobility is challenging. But your mobile system must be equipped with the most current hardware, software or firmware to achieve optimization of efficiency and security.

Ready to join the mobile revolution?