How to Clean and Disinfect Your Mobile Devices

We have a lot of experience in managing mobile devices for business, from device ordering to wireless bill optimization to providing mobile help desk support. But there's one thing we can't do: Clean your phone for you. And since many companies have adopted work-from-home practices to help slow the spread of coronavirus (ourselves included), proper cleaning of mobile devices has become more important than ever.

Every mobile device manufacturer will have slightly different instructions for cleaning their devices, of course -- you can check out Apple's instructions for cleaning here, if you want to go to the source, or find Samsung's instructions here. But despite minor differences, there are also cleaning tips that seem to cross all devices -- and which would be helpful for you to keep in mind as you go about keeping your phone clean. 

Here are Five Tips for Keeping Your Mobile Device Clean and Disinfected:

1. Unplug Your Device Before Cleaning

We shouldn't really need to say this, but it's better safe than sorry: Unplug your mobile devices before exposing them to liquid. It's safer for them -- and for you.

2. Don't Immerse Your Device in Liquid.

Another common-sense tip. Most modern mobile devices will have some resistance to liquid -- but that's not nearly the same thing as "waterproof." You wouldn't intentionally drop your phone in the pool, so don't intentionally drop it into a bucket of cleaning solution or disinfectant, either.

3. Don't Clean with an Abrasive Cloth

The glass on your device face can be easily scratched by abrasive cloth as you're cleaning. Important pro-tip: Paper towels are also abrasive, so don't use them. Rather, use a microfiber cloth, if you can find one. Most devices ship with one, but let's face it -- they can get misplaced. If you can't find a microfiber cloth, it's okay to use a soft cotton t-shirt -- just be sure to wash it afterwards. (Apple also says that it's okay to use wipes like Clorox Disinfecting Wipes.)

4. Spray Cleaning Solution onto Cloth, Not the Device

This is in line with tip #2 not to immerse your device. If you're spraying cleaning solution directly onto your device, you're running the risk of getting liquid into the charging port or somewhere else in the device, which can do serious damage. Instead, spray your cleaning solution onto your microfiber cloth before gently using it to clean your phone.

5. Don't Use Bleach

Bleach can damage your phone. If you're concerned about disinfecting your phone, a much better strategy is to use a solution of 70% isopropyl alcohol as your cleaning agent. Both Apple and Samsung are on board with this, so you're in good company, here.


Following these steps to keep your mobile devices clean, along with proper hand-washing, can help to slow the spread of coronavirus and make working from home more effective. How often this should be done is more of an open question, but certainly you should make it part of a regular routine, as well as when you've had it at the grocery store, for example.

As always, we wish you all health and prosperity.


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