Mobile Application Management

The business value of wireless mobility lies within the application. While smart phones and tablets are the enablers, they are simply mobility tools. The power of these tools is driven by the applications that allow users to swiftly connect and communicate regardless of location.

Managing applications that reside on a mobile device is a critical component to a successful enterprise mobility strategy. While the market for applications continues to increase with hundreds of thousands of potential applications, only a small share have any real business purpose.


With users utilizing mobile applications more regularly, encrypting and protecting the device storage with a passcode is no longer enough to create a leak-free security bubble. One key factor to consider is that employees frequently use their smart device to make their job easier. They will download applications to take notes at meetings, organize client data, access corporate networks, and view documents. Unfortunately, these user applications can often create information security risks.


Part of a successful mobility strategy is to be able to provide your employees with the resources necessary to do their job, while ensuring that utilization of unsecured or unapproved applications is at a minimum. Through utilization of a proven and successful mobile device management solution, your organization will be able to effectively manage mobile applications.


The Wireless Watchdogs Mobile Application Management service provides a way for IT groups to minimize the risk associated with applications handling corporate data, by creating a clear separation of personal and corporate applications. Our solution allows your organization to distribute applications, create a corporate app store, blacklist applications, and even create a clear separation of personal and corporate applications. Think of this as a theoretical string that IT can pull if a device is deemed non-compliant or at-risk.


The Wireless Watchdogs Mobile Application Management solution gives your IT department full control over which applications employees are permitted to use.

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