One Major Consideration for App Deployments

As more and more businesses implement critical mobile applications into their user base, the importance of preparation can be the difference between a successful launch and a failed launch.


While this is nothing new to any business, the area during this implementation period in which we have seen oversight as of recent has been around the impact on carrier data consumption and the bill shock this new application may have on the business.


Whether your business is working with an app developer, 3rd party, or this is an application built internally, my recommendation is to invest a considerable amount of time to doing thorough testing of the app. The testing I am referring to is not simply around the applications operability, but rather testing on how much data the app requires during installation and ongoing as well. I would also encourage having detailed conversations with your development team on what data requirements the organization will be challenged with.


Taking considerable measures to analyze data consumption for internal applications will allow your organization to prepare for large spikes in data usage with the wireless carriers. Those unplanned spikes can seriously impact your businesses bottom line.

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