Samsung and Blackberry’s Relationship – What It Means For The Enterprise

Back in November it was announced that Samsung and Blackberry were entering a partnership that would better align and integrate Blackberry’s security platform with Samsung’s own security platform for its Galaxy devices.


With Blackberry’s struggles and declining market share not being of much news to anyone, the timing for the Samsung and Blackberry partnership is pretty ideal. The corporate world has been under attack by hackers lurking everywhere, thus enterprise security and privacy concerns are at an all time high. The recent Sony attack has brought quite a bit of attention to the enterprise and the need to take extra measures to protect intellectual property.


So…whether Samsung and Blackberry stick to only a partnership, or Samsung acquires Blackberry (rumors?) , the fact that the number 1 smartphone maker in the world has strategically teamed up with the number 1 smartphone security company means the enterprise should expect great things to come. Whether Blackberry ends up falling under the Samsung name or remains as a separate entity, there appears to be a lot of promise for Blackberry thanks to the unfortunate increase of cyber attacks in the enterprise world.

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