What to Expect as a Wireless Watchdogs Customer

At Wireless Watchdogs, our core mission is to save our customers money every single month by providing a suite of managed mobility services (MMS) – and for some customers, those savings add up to tens of thousands of dollars a month. In order to do that, our company culture is extremely customer-focused – and with that said, we’d like to take a little time and let you in on exactly what you can expect as a potential Wireless Watchdogs MMS customer.

We Start with a Free, No-Obligation Audit of Your Wireless Bills

The process actually begins before you’re even a customer. Before you need to make any decision, we conduct a free, no-obligation audit of your current monthly mobility bills. You provide us with the three latest months of bills from your wireless carriers, and we’ll import it into our system, analyze it, and then sit down with you and show you your savings opportunities. And because every Wireless Watchdogs customer has a dedicated account manager, you’ll get introduced to them at this initial audit, as well.

Moving Forward with Managed Mobility Services

Once you see the potential savings and decide you want to move forward with Wireless Watchdogs MMS, we’ll negotiate an agreement that makes sense to you, both financially and in terms of all of the services offered. After that agreement is reached, you’ll have the responsibility of getting Wireless Watchdogs authorized on your cellular accounts so that we can get to work getting you the best possible deal for your mobile device usage.

As soon as those authorizations are in place, we will conduct a training session with your team on how to use our portal so that you always have important information about your mobile devices and their usage. Following that training, a go-live date is set – and you’re ready to start saving.

On an ongoing basis, you can also expect the following: 

  • A set of reports providing you in-depth analytics and statistics on your business’s complete mobile environment


  • That we’re always working with you and the carriers to optimize rate plans to keep your costs as low as possible


  • That your dedicated account manager will help you in creating and enforcing mobility policies for your business


  • That your account manager will keep in touch via phone or email, as you choose, highlighting important facets of your account


And all of our MMS solutions include ongoing Help Desk support, freeing you from the costs, time, and resources needed to do it yourself. Whether it’s helping a user regain access, a device that isn’t functioning properly, or any other issue, we’ll be there whenever you need us.

And finally, you can expect the sales team that you initially met with to check in with you after six months or so in order to make sure that the commitments they made to you during the sales process are being met.

In short, the whole process – from the free pre-sales audit to the ongoing account management, analytics and reporting, and Help Desk service – is designed with one goal in mind:  To keep you saving money through better mobility management services. It’s our core mission, and customer service is a core value – and nothing speaks more highly to that than our 94% customer retention rate.

If you’d like to see for yourself what Wireless Watchdogs can do for your business, request a demo of our platform and talk to us about your introductory audit. As we’ve pointed out, it’s free – and you’ll be on your way to savings that you never knew existed.

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