Three Reasons to Avoid Managed Mobility Services

Managed mobility services (MMS) can dramatically cut a business’s cellular costs while increasing efficiencies – but they’re not right for everybody. Here are three key signs that MMS might not be right for you and your business.

You’re Too Busy to Worry About MMS

Busy is good, right? And because you have to manage all of the carrier contracts, make sure all of the mobile bills are paid, keep an eye roaming charges, watch out for unauthorized use, and all of the other things that go into managing your company’s mobility deployment, you’re likely too busy to look into how you might actually reduce both your cellular bills and the headaches of managing it all.

And it’s not just you, of course. Your IT department is also overwhelmingly busy with all of the new mobility responsibilities that it’s had to assume: Ordering devices, provisioning them with the right software and apps, ensuring proper and secure network access, and of course the ongoing Help Desk support it now has to continually provide all keeps the IT staff on their toes.

So, busy is good -- without busy, you’re likely not making money. But do ask yourself if you and your IT department are the right kind of busy, or if there might be more actual productivity and revenue if the time spent on managing mobility could instead be spent on core business functionality, and your business cell phone bills could be reduced.

You Already Work with your Carriers to Reduce Their Bills

Working with your carrier to reduce how much revenue they generate from you is a solid first step. And over the multiple months that you’ve been working with your dedicated carrier rep to get your mobile phone bills under some semblance of control, you’ve come to appreciate them as a pretty decent person. If your mobile device billing isn’t going down as much as you’d like, that’s probably not their fault: They do work for the carrier, and thus are doubtless somewhat constrained in how much leeway they have to actually lower your bills.

And of course, working instead with a managed mobility services provider that can lower your bills $10 to $20 per month means that you won’t have as much contact with your carrier anymore, even though those kinds of savings can be achieved without switching carriers or disrupting your company’s mobile device usage. But if those kinds of savings are attractive to you and your business, it’s definitely worth thinking about whether you can move on from that close personal relationship with your carrier’s account rep.

You Don’t Have the Budget for MMS

It’s a common problem in the business world: You know what you need to do, but you just haven’t been given the budget to do it. And it can be hard to go to your higher-ups and ask for money, particularly when the request can entail a shift in current business processes. 

But asking the right kinds of questions about the cost benefits of managed mobility services might allow you to stand this one its head. Why? Because instead of going to your boss with a request for more money, you could instead go with a proposal that saves money by reducing wireless bills while at the same time dramatically cutting the internal IT and support costs that managing your own mobile devices creates.  The dollars saved far outweigh the costs of managed mobility services – which means there’s solid ROI, which in turn means increased profitability for your company. And what boss wouldn’t want to consider that kind of proposal.

Turning Costs into Savings with Managed Mobility Services

In thinking about the reasons why managed mobility services might not be right for you and your company, of course, it’s entirely possible that after examining all the facts you’ll come to the opposite conclusion: MMS might actually make solid financial and logistical sense for your business.

If reducing the amount of busy work that you, your IT department, and support staff need to do -- while substantially cutting costs and your mobile phone bills in the process – makes sense to you, managed mobility services might be the right thing at the right time for your business.

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