Top 5 Reasons Why Enterprise Needs Mobile Device Management

Like it or not, mobile devices have become an integral part of the business world. Most workers own a smartphone, and companies now depend on the use of smartphones and tablets to handle day-to-day business tasks ranging from the critical to the mundane.

But this mobile environment can’t be allowed to grow and evolve without restriction. Enterprise-level businesses could face security risks and other complications created by mobile devices that aren’t effectively managed. Mobile device management (MDM) solutions were developed with these needs in mind, providing a scalable, comprehensive management solution that can regulate this mobile network while also increasing its value.

For those unfamiliar with the world of MDM, here are five key reasons why enterprises should invest in mobile device management.


1. Unmanaged Mobile Devices are a Huge Security Risk

The single greatest benefit of mobile device management is the improved security it provides throughout the enterprise. With an MDM solution, security can be deployed to every single device within the enterprise network, and protocols can be established to direct actions in the wake of a suspected security threat.

MDMs can control remote access to highly sensitive data, provide user authentication, and even offer remote data wiping of devices if they become lost or stolen. In addition, MDM can be used to make sure devices are up-to-date on software patches that could fix known security vulnerabilities. 

With so many devices connected to an enterprise network, smartphones and tablets present a wide variety of attack vectors, and thus comprise a substantial security threat to enterprise. MDM addresses this concern by providing consistent, state-of-the-art mobile security throughout the enterprise network.



2. MDM Can Help Lower Costs

Many organizations find that a properly implemented MDM can save them money over time, since MDM services for BYOD devices can be far more cost-effective than purchasing the devices and software for workers and still having to provide the device management. By comparison, the cost savings of an MDM can more than pay for the service itself within the first few years of deployment. 

These cost savings come in addition to other benefits that serve the company’s bottom-line, including increased productivity and freed up time and resources.



3. Improved Workflows and Flexibility

An MDM facilitates faster, more efficient collaboration and workflow management, and enables workers to do their work from remote locations as well as in the office. Through an MDM, managers can quickly assign jobs and organize project teams, assigning tasks to individual workers and monitoring the progress of several different initiatives at once.

These work tools are a boon for organizations looking to leverage technology that makes their internal operations run smoother and more efficiently. 



4. Simplify Internal IT Demands

Manually managing mobile devices is extremely taxing on IT staff. As the organization grows and the number of mobile devices increases, it can become impossible to successfully manage. An MDM solution simplifies this work by consolidating these management tasks into a single, comprehensive platform, giving IT staff the tools and support needed to effectively manage a mobile network.

With an MDM solution in place, IT can do a better job of monitoring devices, watching out for security vulnerabilities, and taking care of other IT needs beyond mobility. By investing into MDM, an organization makes its IT department more productive and better able to do its job.



5. Free the Enterprise Workforce

Today’s workers are increasingly mobile, with more employees going out into the field, working from home, and traveling for work. Being out of the office doesn’t have to come at the cost of productivity and communication, and that’s where MDM comes in. 

By managing mobility and building a framework for mobile work, companies can give employees the tools they need to stay on top of their work responsibilities even when they’re on the road and working out of the office. Mobility supports communication, collaboration, and greater overall productivity, and strong mobile security allows remote workers to access critical data and content without a heightened risk of a security breach.

These are just a few of the top reasons why enterprise-level businesses need a mobile device management solution to handle their mobile network. If you still haven’t implemented such a solution, it's a great way to stop worrying so much about security and start thinking more about increased efficiencies. 

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